You want your normal to be: Happy & Healthy

Are you done?

Done with convincing yourself to get out of bed each morning? Needing that second Venti just to keep your eyes open after lunch? Forcing a smile for your team, when you really want to cry? Getting into bed at night then tossing and turning while you think about your 17 reminders on Evernote for tomorrow?

You do all the right things. Drink green smoothies, eat spoonfuls of coconut oil, run 5 miles on your days off from Orange Theory. But it’s not working, you’re hurting.

I believe you when you say “something’s wrong”.

Your fatigue, anxiety, even your allergies are a message from your body. And I can interpret it for you. Biofeedback will let you walk out of my office with a translation. You will know what’s going on and what to do to fix it, naturally.

The bottom line is this, you deserve a customized plan that supports your body’s specific needs.

Because a generic recommendation of tumeric and CBD oil won’t solve all your problems.



You are doing all the right things and it’s not working. Traditional Chinese Medicine says emotions are the root cause of disease. Guess what? Fixing that is my specialty.

Find out why your emotions are holding you back and how to take control.