If you only do one thing for your health this year,

This is it.

Find out WHY.

Why are you always so tired? Why do you catch every cold and sniffle that passes through your office? How is it possible you get everything under the sun including pink eye, a bladder infection that lasted five months, a stomach virus and chronic sinus infections?

You’re not crazy or a hypochondriac.

How to get better:

Take the guess work out of your plan. Because deep down, you know what you need isn’t the 7 different miracle supplements you saw on your IG feed this morning. And you don’t have time or money to keep wasting.

Get EDS Biofeedback done and experience the change you’ve been wishing for.


Start working with me:

Best Choice - New Client Appointment w/ Heal Faster add on $350 + products

If you don’t want to mess around, and are ready to jump in, this is the choice for you.

What you can expect:

2 Hour Session that includes a Full Biofeedback EDS evaluation where you find out the priority issues affecting your health, get a customized schedule and a root cause analysis of your most frustrating symptoms.


A full Emotional Release/Healing Session. This is where your life is going to change. By letting go of emotional garbage and limiting thoughts holding you back.

As one client said: I wish you could see how people looked the day before and after their session with you. It’s unreal the difference in their face. I couldn’t stop smiling the day after my first session.


I want you to feel that good too. What are you waiting for? If you are ready to change your health click here and schedule today!

Runner up - New Client Appointment $185 + products

1 Hour Session that includes a Full Biofeedback EDS evaluation where you find out the priority issues affecting your health, get a customized schedule and a root cause analysis of your most frustrating symptoms.

A great option for you if you want to start with the physical focused testing and save the Emotional Release session for another time.

Click here to schedule!

Additional Services

Remote Testing

Don’t live locally?

Get the same information and results by sending in a saliva sample for Bio-energetic testing.

No appointment need. Check out the client portal and scroll down to Remote Testing for instructions on how to send in your sample!

Emotional Release

The emotional release therapy is combination of the NATALiA Method and PSYCH-K. It’s not scary. It’s NOT talk therapy. You can say as little or as much as you want and the technique is 100% effective at changing subconscious emotions, trauma or limiting beliefs. For example, my husband is one to say very little during his sessions. It works for him. He feels better before getting out of the chair every time.

These sessions are for new or existing clients. New clients please select the “New Client Appointment” when booking.

Still have questions? Check out this video (below) where I explain why it’s so important and what to expect. Or read about it: The Mind-Body Connection.

Why is emotional health and changing limiting beliefs so important? What should you expect?


Ionic Detox Foot Bath

The lymphatics are the septic system of the body.This 30 minute treatment can revitalize your health by helping clean it out. You wash the outside of your body daily, what about the inside?

Clients feel energized after each session. Because of the power of this detox allow 36-48 hours between sessions.

Click to schedule!

doTERRA Essential Oils

Essential oils are gaining popularity and for good reason. doTERRA is the brand I trust and use in my practice.

I believe 100% of people need these in their homes, I recommend the starter kit of the top ten oils. Choice between large bottles (best value 3x the oils for less than double the cost) or small bottles. P.S. Don’t worry I’ll help you learn how to use them for maximum effectiveness.

Richway Original Biomat

This is the only infrared mat on the market with FDA approval.

This infrared heating mat products negative ions and blocks EMFs.

It eases joint pain, stiffness, stress, fatigue, improves circulation, promotes restful sleep, increase oxygenation to the tissues and boosts the immune system. And you can use it every day! And you will want to. When my friends come over we need a sign up sheet so everyone can have a turn. I’m kidding.. kinda.

Don’t fall for imitations on amazon. Get the real thing sent to you directly from Richway. (Full body and travel sizes available).

Biomat and doTERRA oils are affiliate links. I recommend purchasing only through an authorized distributor. In order to honor my time, I only provide product support for items purchased through me. If you have a loved one that sells these and you want to support them, please do!