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How to take your Products


Can I mix X,Y,Z?

Homeopathics can all be taken together. See below.

You can mix your herbs with water or juice if you want to.

Here are some tips to make your program easier to follow:

Get everything ready the night before. Count out your drops and pills and put in small jars/containers so it’s easy to grab and go.

Drops (except for Alpha Ortho Phos and homeopathics) can be taken directly under the tongue, added to 1oz of water and drank as a shot, or put in your water bottle to sipped throughout the day. I recommend using glass or metal water bottles. NOT plastic. You can also take your herbs straight under the tongue or mix with water or juice.

Homeopathics - clear liquid (usually a detox) are best taken straight under the tongue. Wait 15 minutes before/after taking to have coffee or mint. DO NOT PUT THROUGH X-RAY at airport (carry-on or checked). This means you either will have to request visual inspection or leave at home for your trip. Store 6 ft away from electronics.

Pills do your best to take as scheduled throughout the day. I put my pills in a little plastic container to take at lunch. You could get a pill organizer and set up your pills once for the week to help keep you on track.

Essential Oils- Follow schedule if it needs to be topical, diffuse or internal. If you are using citrus oils use caution with sun exposure. If it is a "warm" oil (ex. oregano, cinnamon, cassia etc) be sure to dilute with coconut oil or olive oil. DO NOT use water. If the skin feels hot after applying dilute with more oil. Wash hands after applying.

Alpha Ortho Phos - Take on its own! Dilute it with 1 or 2 ounces of water and drink through straw or drink quickly as a shot. Rinse mouth after so it doesn't stay on your teeth.

How long do I need to stay on this?

Check under the duration section. If you need to reorder you can do so online. Please allow up to a week to receive your order.

Traveling with your program?

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Food - What should I eat?

A good rule of thumb is to shop the perimeter of the grocery store. Focusing on eating vegetables, healthy fats, nuts, seeds, meat and fruit. You want to increase foods that speed up the healing process and remove foods that would slow it down.

You want organic when possible (especially meat). The best way to eat healthy is to prepare your own meals. Keep it simple. For example a simple breakfast could be a green smoothie, fruit and nuts, Egg and veggie omelette.

Blood sugar imbalances can make you and your adrenals feel like it’s on a roller coaster! To help stabilize blood sugar: Eat 50-75% of your plate deep colored vegetables/fruit; protein and healthy fat at every meal (especially breakfast)

  • Eat Balanced meals = healthy fat + protein + complex carbohydrate (mainly from vegetables and fruit)

  • Healthy fats = avocado, coconut/oil, nuts/seeds and nut/seed butters, olives/oil, ghee

Do NOT use a microwave to cook your food. Avoid storing food and beverages in plastic. Cooking suggestions HERE.

Things to avoid/eliminate:

Sugar, processed food, fast food, soybean/canola/vegetable oils, margarine, conventional meat (choose organic), limit dairy intake unless otherwise indicated in the notes section of your printout.

If you need to avoid Dairy according to your testing:

This includes: cheese, milk, ice cream, half and half cream. If you need to strictly avoid it you should also avoid goat cheese/milk.

Eggs are not dairy so you can still have those.

If you need to avoid Nightshades according to your testing:

Ashwagandha, Bush Tomatoes, Cape Gooseberries (or ground cherries, different from regular cherries), Capsicums, Cayenne pepper, Chili Pepper Flakes, Chili powder, Chinese Five-Spice Powder Cocona Curry Powder Curry spice powder, Eggplants, Garam Masala spice – because it contains peppers, Garden Huckleberries (different from regular huckleberries), Goji berries, Hot Sauce, Ketchup (and BBQ Sauce) – because they contain tomatoes, Kutjera, Most spice blends – because they contain peppers, Naranjillas, Paprika spice, Pepinos, Peppers (including bell peppers, sweet peppers, chili peppers, jalapeños), Pimentos, Potatoes (does not include sweet potatoes or yams), Red Pepper, Red Pepper Flakes, Steak Seasoning, Tamarillos, Tomatillos, Tomatoes

If you need to avoid Sugar according to your testing:

Processed and added sugar, sweets, cookies, cake, dessert, ice cream. I know. This is tough. Don’t look to ingest scoops of maple sugar as a substitute because it’s “natural”. We’re trying to get your blood sugar/insulin production balanced. You can have fruit unless otherwise stated on your program.

The 21 Day Sugar Detox diet book has some good ideas for recipes.

If you need to eliminate Gluten according to your testing:

This includes: bread, pasta, many cereals, wheat. Look for hidden sources. There are many hidden sources of gluten. Check out the gluten free living section on

Dirty Dozen:

These twelve crops contain the highest levels of pesticide residue and therefore, should be bought organic when possible. Strawberries, which top the list as having the highest levels of residue, can contain 22 different types of pesticide residues on just one sample.

  1. Strawberries

  2. Spinach

  3. Nectarines

  4. Apples

  5. Grapes

  6. Peaches

  7. Cherries

  8. Pears

  9. Tomatoes

  10. Celery

  11. Potatoes

  12. Sweet Bell Peppers

Clean Fifteen:

The Clean Fifteen refers to fifteen crops that have the lowest levels of pesticide contamination. Therefore, these fifteen crops do not need to be purchased organic, at the EWG’s recommendation.

  1. Avocados

  2. Sweet corn

  3. Pineapples

  4. Cabbages

  5. Onions

  6. Sweet peas

  7. Papayas

  8. Asparagus

  9. Mangoes

  10. Eggplants

  11. Honeydews

  12. Kiwis

  13. Cantaloupes

  14. Cauliflower

  15. Broccoli



Microwaves, Teflon, Aluminum, Plastic storage containers, reheating in plastic, premade frozen meals stored in plastic: No - no’s. Don’t use these.

Good cookware & storage options: Stainless steel, cast iron, stoneware, (Stoneware baking sheet, stoneware pans), glass (let cool before putting on lid or use parchment paper in between lid and food)


High heat cooking and baking oils: coconut oil, ghee, butter, avocado oil

Olive oil/flax seed oil - best used for salad dressings and adding after cooking completed.

Purchase oils that are in glass and opaque containers. Store away from heat. These can go rancid over time so you may want to consider buying regular/smaller bottles vs buying in bulk to keep them fresh. Personally I’ve found coconut oil has a longer shelf life than most other oils.

No no oils: vegetable, canola oil, margarine.


Micro Daily

A powerful patent-supported combination of micronutrients that, through extensive research, have been proven to be one of the most advanced daily supplement available. 

When you burn energy, your body creates cell-damaging molecules known as “free-radicals” that cause inflammation. Micro Daily helps you take the offensive by delivering a broad range of micronutrients and important antioxidants designed to neutralize free radicals and strengthen your ability to combat them over time.


Taken twice a day, with breakfast and dinner, Micro Daily greatly improves your body’s ability to fight the good fight toward optimal health. 


Directly through this link.

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  • Add recommended products to cart.

  • When ready click checkout.

  • Enter shipping address

  • create login in name, enter password and email. You’ll get a confirmation email with your order and log in info.

  • Click payment.

  • Enter payment info and click finish order. I recommend the monthly convenience order for the best cost and to ensure you stay on track.

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Heal Faster with Biomat & Detox Foot Baths


Biomat -MINI.jpg

The BioMat is a high-quality infrared heating mat used in healing and pain relief practices all over the world. This is a great addition to anyone’s natural health toolkit, especially people with abnormal/unhealthy cell growth.

Benefits include:

  • improve immune system

  • supports detoxifcation

  • relieves chronic and acute pain

  • promotes relaxation/sleep

  • speeds healing of tissue

  • increases blood circulation

  • reduces stress and fatigue

  • improved skin health

  • burns calories

  • helps support healthy weight

foot bath

Ionic Detox Foot Bath

Get started with a series to deeper cleanse your body. (Series of 8-12 sessions on average)


  • lymphatic cleansing

  • increased energy

  • supports detoxification

  • improved effectiveness of supplements

The machine produces ions which stimulate the body’s natural ability to detoxify.

Note: At the end of a treatment, the foot-bath water will be discolored. Some of this discoloration is due to the minerals in the water or sea salt you are using and some of it is the body releasing toxins from your skin into the water. The color changes in the water will vary between clients and between sessions. It may change a lot or it may change very little. This is normal. The machine is working fine and the body will be absorbing energy. When slight color changes occur, the body may choose to detox through the urinary system and through the colon rather than through the lymph system via the skin during a foot-bath session.

Available for in office sessions (call or schedule online) or home purchase for current clients.

 Ordering doTERRA

You can purchase doTERRA at You have the option of purchasing retail or at wholesale.

To purchase at Retail:

  • Click the link above

  • Click shop

  • You can also enter it through my website on the reorder form.

To purchase at wholesale (25% off).


  • Click become a member

  • Select Wholesale Customer

  • Enter your information

  • You can either choose a starter kit (Family or Home Essentials are a good choice) or Enrollment Packet $35

  • Select the oils you need.

  • If you are ordering Life Long Vitality Pack. After you complete your order you will see the option to set up LRP (loyalty rewards order). You want to add the Vitality Pack to your monthly order. Each pack is a one month supply. You want to set this up so you stay on track and don’t run out.

That’s it! You will get a confirmation email. Make sure you write down your member number and password. That will be your future log in information at

Learn more about your membership and oils in my free FAQ members page.

Learn more about why I chose doTERRA for essential oils.

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  • Drink out of metal or glass containers.

  • Get a high quality water filtration system for drinking and showering like the ones listed below.

  • Drink 1/2 - 2/3 your body weight in ounces daily. (Unless otherwise instructed by your doctor)


Plastics contain hormone disrupting chemicals. I recommend glass or metal containers like this one.

What I like about this one is no plastic comes in contact with your water so it is safe for adding essential oils to your drink.


Berkey Gravity-Fed Water Filter. Sizes range from a 1.5 gallon travel size to a 6 gallon family size!

Replacement filters here.


 Dry Skin Brushing

The lymphatics are the septic system of your body. If the septic system is backed up the whole house stinks.

Dry skin brushing is a great daily practice to improve lymphatic health. This is great for improving the appearance of the skin and easing detoxification symptoms.



Cleaning products can be a huge source of toxins, either through touch or inhalation.

For health improvement we want to reduce chemical exposure. This is one change you can make ASAP at minimal cost and effort.

Make your own all purpose cleaner with essential oils:
16-ounce spray bottle
1 ½ cup white vinegar
½ cup distilled water
8 drops of your citrus oil of choice

Less DIY option: I use On Guard concentrated cleaner for everything. One bottle lasts me a long time. You just add some of your concentrate to an empty spray bottle, fill with water and add 10 drops of lemon or your favorite oil. Plus I put it in a super cute ombre glass spray bottle... it almost makes cleaning fun... at least it makes it toxin-free!

Laundry Detergent

On guard Laundry detergent for less chemical exposure on our skin. Very effective and I use it straight on spots as a stain remover.

Glass Cleaner

8-ounce spray bottle
Equal parts white vinegar and water
5 drops doTERRA Lemon oil

Get your cleaning make over kit.

Glass Spray bottles

More cleaning recipes can be found at click Do It Yourself Tab!

Do you have a great natural cleaning recipe/tip? Please share it so I can add it!

 Liver Gallbladder Cleanse

This is a proceed at your own risk warning. If you have large gallstones it is not recommended you do this. If you know by your doctor or by ultrasound that you do. It would be better to break up the stones first before doing a gallbladder cleanse. You can contact me for this.


I’m including this information at the request of clients and for an easy way for you to locate the information to learn more.

If this topic interest you, keep an eye on this page. I hope to add to it in the future with client experiences/testimonials and more simplified steps.


 Colon Cleansing

All Disease Begins in the Gut - Hippocrates

Pretty big claims. Gut health is very important for over all health. One way to do a deeper colon cleanse is with Colonics.

(Inner Health Colon Hydrotherapy is a great place for my local clients. Tell Linda I say hi when you call).

Remember: Healthy elimination is typically 2-3 times day. (after meals) without pain, stool should be soft, formed, without signs of undigested food.

Colon Health Key to Vibrant Life
By Dr. Norman W. Walker

You can also do a colon cleanse with fiber, cape aloe and some other products. To find what best fits you we can check at your next test.

  • If you have issues with gas, undigested food, bloating or poor elimination you may need to add in digestive enzymes. You can contact me about this.

If this is a topic that interest you, check page on this page from time to time. I plan to add more information and a basic outline for you to cleanse on your own.

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Skin, Hair & Body Care


Skin Care: The options are endless. You can DIY with oil cleansing, make your own face serum and lotion. I have done that in the past but now I use doTERRA's skin care line because it saves me some time.

Verage - this line is for those that want to keep their skin looking young.

HD Clear line is for those that are concerned about blemishes/acne type skin issues. The most important thing is to cleanse from the inside but this will help enhance the process.

Immortelle - Essential oil anti-aging blend that also helps with reducing the appearance of blemishes and scars. It can also be used as a DIY deodorant. (to make that pop the top off the Immortelle and add it to a 10ml roller (filling a 1/4 of the way up), top the rest with fractionated coconut oil. apply under arms daily)

Witch Hazel - Natural Toner

Aztec Clay Mask - Mix with Braggs ACV for a nice deep cleanse. I also use doTERRA clay mask which comes pre-mixed for easier use.

Toxin Free yet still cute :)

Toxin Free yet still cute :)


Hair & Body Care:

No nail polish would be better, but low toxin nail polish is second best. I even bring mine with me when getting a mani/pedi. (Another brand I like and have is spa ritual)

Tongue Scraper - Benefits and history of this daily practice.

Jojoba Oil - All sorts of uses and benefits. Read about it HERE.

doTERRA hair care system - I wash with this 1-2 times a week, use there root to tip serum for a healthy scalp.

Castile Soap - Use for hand soap, diy foaming soap, some use it for shampoo as well!

Deodorant - I use doTERRAs or Crystal Deoderant (I apply 1 drop patchouli oil first - it’s a natural cleanser and internal deodorizer). These are the most effective options I’ve found for natural deodorant. Keep in mind: the cleaner your insides are, the less you need a strong deodorant. Don’t use anti-antiperspirants. You were designed to sweat. Again, you will sweat less the healthier your colon and lymph are and the cleaner your diet is. You could also do an underarm pit deep clean with doTERRA’s mud mask (apply under the arms).


Can I bring my products while traveling?

Yes. Homeopathics should not go through XRay. Homeopathics are typically the detox or flower remedies. They are clear liquids in a 1 or 2 oz bottle. You can bring them when you travel but they can’t go through XRay at the airport. They require visual inspection. You can request that at the TSA check.

International some clients have had issues with this. If you are traveling for a short period of time I recommend leaving your homeopathics at home. Vitamins, herbs and essential oils are all fine for travel and can go through XRAY.

I recommend bringing oils in your carry on & ensuring they are upright during flight so they don’t leak. (Pressure changes in the cabin has caused leaky issues for some when it’s on its side)

I typically bring some other natural remedies for myself and my family to keep us in tip top shape while traveling:

Peppermint - Headaches, nausea, motion sickness, allergies and energy. (take internally or apply topically over area of concern)

Digestive Enzymes & Digestzen oil take with meals.

Immune system support - On Guard soft gels and oregano oil roller to apply to the bottom of my feet.

Anxiety/stress/sleep support - Peace oil is one of my favorites because it covers all 3

Order the doterra products listed above HERE.

Herbal Lymphatic drainer - there should be one on your program or you can use KLS Enviro (order through reorder page form)

If I am traveling to a tropical location I bring something in case of a severe stomach bug/food poisoning. I like Living Clay for this because your only need to bring a few teaspoons.


How to travel and stick to your program



EMF stands for electromagnetic field. Electromagnetic fields are comprised of an electric and a magnetic field perpendicular to each other, which travel together in an invisible wave form.

Your body is electric. (Great book to read on this: The Spark in the Machine - how the science of acupuncture explains the mysteries of western medicine)

The fact of the matter is that electric and magnetic fields are one in the same, an electrical charge (like an electron) in motion causes a magnetic field, and a magnetic field in motion causes an electric field. ... Just like a moving electron produces a magnetic field. - Scienceline UCSB

So it makes sense that sources of EMFs from microwaves, Wifi, Smart-Meters, cellphones, laptops, computers, tablets and other such devices affect the electromagnetic field and chi flow of the body.

How to protect yourself:

  1. Limit Exposure

    1. Don’t sleep with cell phone or tablet near you. Preferably keep it out of the bedroom. Get a nice sun-rise inspired alarm clock instead of using your phone. Or turn your phone on airplane mode at night. Sleep with it at least 6 feet away from the body.

    2. Put your wifi on a time so it shuts off while everyone at home is sleeping.

    3. Jewelry to help off-set the negative effects: Energy Armor or Quatumn Science Life.

    4. Use grounding mats while working at computer of desk or get a sheet or blanket through for your bed.

    5. Order EMF protecting homeopathic, when you order let me know it’s for preventative EMF protection and I’ll send you instructions on how to use it.


Get Grounded

You can use the grounding mat under your feet or under the key board. It comes with an outlet checker and instructions on how to use it and benefits.


 Oil Pulling

Oil Pulling Instructions (Main Instructions Cred:

  1. Put 1-2 teaspoons of oil into the mouth. The oil traditionally used in oil pulling is organic sesame oil, and this is also the oil that has been the most studied for use in oil pulling. It is also possible to do oil pulling with organic coconut oil. Whichever oil you choose, place 1-2 teaspoons in the mouth. Sometimes I add 1 drop doTERRA Peppermint or OnGuard to the mix. One drop of OnGuard would be especially great if you have tested for Dental Toxins/Infections at your last test.

  2. Swish for 20 minutes. Apparently the timing is key, according to Dr. Bruce Fife, author of Oil Pulling Therapy, as this is long enough to break through plaque and bacteria but not long enough that the body starts re-absorbing the toxins and bacteria. The oil will get thicker and milky as it mixed with saliva during this time and it should be creamy-white when spit out. It will also double in volume during this time due to saliva. At first, it can be difficult to make it the full 20 minutes, and I didn’t stress if I could only swish for 5-10 minutes when I first started.

  3. Spit oil into the trash can. Don’t spit into the sink! The oil may thicken and clog pipes. Do not swallow the oil as it is hopefully full of bacteria, toxins and pus that are now not in the mouth!

  4. Rinse well with warm water. Warm water seems to clean the mouth better (my opinion). I swish a few times with warm water to get any remaining oil out of my mouth. Some sources recommend swishing with warm salt water.

  5. Brush well.