How does Energy Medicine work?


Energy Medicine

Is it just a bunch of WooWoo?
No, it has a “solid” foundation in Quantum Physics.

Is there any scientific basis for this energy medicine?
It’s a legitimate question. You see all sorts of claims and information online and you want to make sure you aren’t flushing money down the drain.

What’s the scientific basis?


Enter Quantum Physics

You remember learning Newtonian physics in school: what goes up must come down,
every action has an equal and opposite reaction… that is the tangible world.

Sheldon Cooper - Big Bang Theory

Sheldon Cooper - Big Bang Theory

Quantum physics is dealing with a whole ‘nother level. Think Sheldon of the Big Bang Theory.
It is the scientific study of the energy structure of matter.
You’re dealing with particles and waves that are too tiny to see. Intangible.

Consider this fact:
Everything that appears solid is comprised of 99.99999 % energy at the quantum level.
Whoa. Mind blown.

Everything in the universe is made up of energy.
Even, my dear, you! Remember learning about the atom in school? It’s made of up of protons, electrons and neutrons? Well at a subatomic level we are made up of those subatomic particles. We are at our most fundamental level vibrating bundles of energy.

All energy vibrates at what we call frequency. That frequency determines health and happiness. Healthy organs, thoughts, meridians all vibrate at a certain frequency.
When your frequency is not at its best, we do not feel our best. The goal is to bring that energy into balance.

By introducing a better frequency/vibration via our thoughts, (YES believe it sister!) essential oils, homeopathics, herbs, food, water etc we can alter it. That is the foundation of energy medicine. It is introducing a new frequency or vibration that enhances the body and mind.


Are you open to experience the power of quantum physics?



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