Why you struggle to find a diet that works.


It's not what you are eating.


How many diet books are on your actual (or virtual) bookshelf?

How many diets have you tried in the last year? Two years? Five years?

Your in good company. One report stated that in 2012 the annual revenue of the "weight loss industry" is 20 BILLION.

Are we humans in better shape from all this??

No? I agree with you.

What is holding you back from permanent weight loss? It’s not what you are eating. 

FYI: I do have an opinion about which diet works best for me…. I test clients individually for foods to cut out or specific diet recommendations for them.

Are you stuck in a yo-yo diet cycle?


It’s your EMOTIONS!

These little neuropeptides can really throw things off!


Your thoughts are just as important as what you eat!

Your thoughts are just as important as what you eat!

For example if you are lonely and believe goodness is missing from your life guess what will happen??

You are going to have such sugar cravings because that pancreas of yours is crying for love! Resisting the donuts your boss brought in to the staff meeting is going to be soooo difficult.

If you are afraid things are never going to change with your health.. Or you job is super unstable and you are afraid of losing it…

Guess what your adrenals are going to respond! Pumping out adrenaline and cortisol! You can thank it for your afternoon tortilla chips and coffee cravings (please tell me I’m not alone in this weird craving combo!)

Are you feeling stuck in your life? Your body responds by being constipated.

So you can’t let go of the toxic gunk in your body.

Which has a direct affect on fat loss by the way…. Fat stores toxins.

So if you can’t detoxify efficiently through your liver, colon, kidneys or spleen your body will respond and say WHOA, let’s slow this weight loss down. I can’t handle processing any of those stored toxins. Let's keep them right where they are at in those loves handles, thighs or belly!





Change your mental - emotional state


The diet I most often recommend to clients is a Paleo-esq style diet. The most common triggers of dis-ease that come up in testing are dairy, gluten and SUGAR.


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