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Thrive With Wellness exists so you don’t have to struggle anymore. You can improve your health with the right tools and guidance.


I'm Kyla Phillips

I’m a Registered Nurse of over 15 years. I specialize in EDS Biofeedback, PSYCH-K and natural medicine.

From when I was young I remember having constant stomach-aches, headaches, depression and fatigue. I tried every diet, supplement and alternative therapy I could find. It wasn’t until I combined EDS Biofeedback and emotional release therapy that my life changed. Talk about an “aha” moment. I’m determined to help you discover the same.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the benefits of western medicine. (I’m grateful to have Harvard trained doctors a short drive up the highway if I broke my wrist.)

However, I prefer a simple natural approach. I’m the girl with only 1 pair of skinny jeans in her closet, but 17 essential oils in the medicine cabinet .

What do you do?  EDS Biofeedback, Emotional Release Therapy, Custom Natural Medicine Protocols

EDS stands for electrol-dermal stress analysis, a type of computerized biofeedback that finds energetic imbalances, toxins, deficiencies and emotions affecting your health. Weird symptoms, crazy hormones, nagging fatigue or chronic digestive issues? Everything has a root cause. Find out yours.

The emotional release therapy is combination of the NATALiA Method and PSYCH-K. It’s not scary. It’s NOT talk therapy. You can say as little or as much as you want and the technique is 100% effective at changing subconscious emotions, trauma or limiting beliefs. For example, my husband is one to say very little during his sessions. It works for him. He feels better before getting out of the chair every time.

During your EDS session you’ll get a customized protocol. You’ll know what to take and when. The cost of the supplements will vary depending on your needs. Humans have been using plant based medicine for thousands of years because it is safe, powerfully effective and affordable.


Where are you located? My office is in Hingham Massachusetts. Right off the Rt 3 expressway in the Old Lincoln Building. If you don’t live locally you can get the same treatment with Remote Saliva Testing.

How long until I feel better?

You’ll feel results within weeks, and some results will take months. How long have you had your symptoms? If you’ve had insomnia for 10 years vs 10 weeks, it’s going to take a different amount of time to reach your goals. Healing naturally is like peeling back layers of an onion, except less tears. You start at the outer layer, peel it back, and layer by layer go deeper and deeper.

You can expect to need a few sessions 2-8 weeks apart before going on a “maintenance protocol”. If you love to stay on top of your health you will want to come in at least 2 times a year for check ins.

I just want to find out if I have x,y or z toxin? Can you do that?

I appreciate you’ve got specific concerns. We can definitely check on that in your test. However, I don’t do partial tests. Clients get the best results when doing a full test, then checking for their specific concern (like for example a type of toxin).

Imagine going to your mechanic and saying “My car is making a funny sound. I think its the timing belt. Just check that.” He could do what you ask. Charge you for it and send you on your way. Will it solve the problem? Maybe. Likely not.

Think of me as your natural health mechanic. I care about you and want you to get the best results. The body heals like peeling back layers of an onion. We will address your individual needs in order of priority (that outer layer) to get to the deeper layers of healing. This is why I don’t do partial testing.

Will this work for me? EDS Biofeedback and PSYCH-K works for everyone that applies the information. You know this already: there is no magic wand. If there was, I would share and wave that thing all over the place. You need to take action. Take your supplements, eat right and keep your attitude positive.

It won’t work for you if:

1) You don’t want to take ANY supplements. I believe plants-based medicine is a gift and vital to vibrant, jump out of bed each day, love your life health.

2) You come in with a chip on your shoulder to prove your friend/spouse wrong because you don’t believe this “stuff” works. I don’t want to convince you of anything. On the other hand, if you are open, curious and unsure of how you feel, experience it for yourself! Your mind will be blown.

3) You believe you know what’s wrong and don’t want any outside help. You have amazing intuition about what is going on. I want to hear it. Yet, even Doctors go to the Doctor. For the best results, we need two way communication. If you feel the same, perfect, come on in.

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Electrol-dermal screening:
This modern technology is a way to find out the root cause of your symptoms.




They are all the rage right now.
Find out why quality matters and the amazing benefits of the brand I trust.





Is it just a bunch of WooWoo?
No, it has a solid foundation in Quantum Physics.




Emotions & Beliefs:
Your thoughts and feelings play a front and center role in your health.