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EDS Testing
Female 30s

I'm a believer of many things. Skepticism alone will rarely hinder me from giving something a try. I had tried EDS and muscle testing in the past and had moderate success and thoroughly enjoyed the aspects of self discovery it afforded me. Recently I was offered vetiver oil as treatment for emotional benefit.

EDS had revealed my feelings of being torn and divided...a belief that had developed some 10-12 years prior and only grown with the decisions, choices, and situations I places myself in time and time again. I wanted to believe this could help but still can't believe it's less than 3 weeks time, I can see a marked difference in my mood, focus, impulsiveness, and feelings of never being where I should be or with whom I want to be with at the right time. I feel calm, happy, and content in my path. I didn't change the direction I was headed in at all, yet I have confidence in where this road is leading. In this journey I also supported myself with additional minerals and vitamins that assisted me in this regard.

I understand this type of treatment may seem like it is not for everyone...but it works! If you are struggling with some pesky problems that have lasted a decade or more look into this! I had feelings that often left me questioning my sanity! This is the best I've felt in a while and I have a feeling it'll only get better.

EDS Testing & Emotional Release Treatment
Male 60s

Throughout our lives we all have had bad experiences that we just can’t seem to get rid of. They can be memories that could deal with abuse of different types, rejections by someone or dealing with another type of personal hurt of being used by someone. Yet we would all like to find a way not only to deal with these emotional feelings but get rid of them altogether. These situations can carry negative emotions within our cells and DNA that can affect our lives and our dealings with others. Many times they may keep resurfacing by causing depression, mood swings or affecting our relationships with others that we love, even to the point that our health is influenced in a negative way.

After doing a computer analysis test, Kyla is able to bring to the surface what these negative emotions are that we have tried to block out over time and teach us how we can remove them and replace it with positive thoughts. She will guide you through a mental exercise to help you remove & replace these emotions that will then contribute to a less stressful and happier life. You can walk away without feeling troubled by these negative past experiences anymore.

We can clean out the virus’ and other junk that slows down our computers and increase the efficiency and not we can have help to do the same with our brains and leave the troubling things behind. Yes it does work and I have found it very beneficial by following her instructions and the further information she provides.

EDS Testing
Female 40s...

My first initial appointment was almost a year ago. Having been struggling with NASH and diabetes, I was fearful of introducing additional supplements into my diet as I needed to be extremely careful about substances processed through my liver. I had heard positive reviews about EDS, and not really knowing what it was, so I decided to try it for myself... Although Very Skeptically. VERY SKEPTICALLY. But I was desperate. 

I have not really been an outwardly emotional person, I'm more of a Emotional crypt keeper and then I bury the crypt. However, my first EDS session showed me how deeply integrated our emotional person is with our physical person. FASCINATING and UGH! Emotional issues can manifest themselves with physical symptoms/conditions. So I was NOT thrilled at the thought of having to deal with my emotional issues, especially since EDS had reminded me of what they were.
SPOILER ALERT - this is mind blowing. I cried and I cried HARD. Fortunately Kyla doesn't charge for kleenex. Anyways, I committed to the process by taking supplements (some new, some of my own with tweaked amounts), rubbing Myrrh on myself before bed AND repeating an affirmation 12 times daily. I let the bad thoughts come more AND I didn't fight the urge to cry as much. And you know what? I felt better. 
My next EDS session was around the first of this year after a Urgent Care visit and scary digestive tract related diagnoses. My EDS reading confirmed that while my previous issues were under control and improving (also confirmed by my primary care through regular bloodwork - YAY), I had a few more issues that my body was dealing with.
The challenge here was that EDS revealed I had "0" will to get better. To be honest, this new diagnoses was life changing and very scary. I had been secretly resolved that I had colon cancer and would die. Truly... So, after another good cry, new program and some emotional release work. I began another regiment of supplements (some new, some of my own), doTERRA oil and a new affirmation... And I (almost immediately this time) felt better. I continued to let the thoughts come and I continued fighting that urge to cry less and less. AND I found myself feeling happier, smiling more...which often leads to more hugging... just a warning.
My third EDS session was just a month ago and it showed Significant improvements all over. I am pretty sure Kyla had to re-take my will to get better reading... it was at an 84 out of 100. UP FROM 0!! And I believe that. Because I was feeling so much better, I wasn't discouraged or overwhelmed by my health issues. And while my digestive issues are still there, they are clearly improving. I continue to "process"emotions - if I feel them, I don't bury them as readily as I did before. When I remember something unpleasant, I let my mind think the thoughts for a bit and then I try to focus on a positive thought. I have found that when I do do this, the unpleasant memories don't recur as often as they had previously. And I'm able to move on and I feel better. 
Through my own journey to better health, I've been very impressed with Kyla both during our sessions and her follow up after. She regularly reaches out to check in and if she reads anything that she think would benefit me, she lets me know. I also appreciate that she uses Social Media to pass along great tips and ideas on keeping healthy. And these posts I LOVE. 
To anyone considering this journey - this is my advice, actually it's Olivia Newton John's - "Listen to Your Body Talk". 

So, Thank You Body - I'm a listener now...

 EDS & Emotional Release Female 30's:

"I have always been an advocate for my health, especially in more recent years. I have had some challenges that traditional medicine just couldn't help to fix, only provide temporary relief. I never thought that holding on to negative memories or feelings could have such a detrimental effect on the body physically. Like most people, I was the type to dismiss anything that could hold me back, and try to "think" more positively and try to match my life decisions in that way. Yet, what intrigued me the most with the Emotional Release and Belief Reprogramming, is the ability to go through the different layers,to identify the issues, and completely get rid of them, sometimes without even getting into the details or "reliving" the situations. At first although I was on board to change, my subconscious was not. The initial treatments seemed easy, because it was discovering the negative belief and finding a solution to turn it positive. Sometimes this took a few tries, but by the end it worked. The next treatment it became obvious I had a lot stored that needed releasing, going all the way back to childhood, and this is where I saw the best results. One thing that I loved about Kyla's approach is her positive disposition to see change, which led me to believe in the ability of the release.  As she guided me through the process, I went from being resistant, to easily letting go of each and every feeling or thought that hindered my overall optimal health. Some things were emotional in themselves, causing a little bit of nervousness, and even tears. Yet each time I was able to get through the steps, and the feeling of calm and peace afterward was remarkable. Kyla was great at explaining the way the releases worked and connecting what physical things happened, such as feeling tension in the chest or abdomen go away, and even the tears from stopping. It all made perfect sense, the body was letting go.

The reprogramming was just as amazing, but it's results weren't noticed until later. After the first couple of days, I could tell my body was detoxing because I was fatigued and a bit more thirsty than usual, very similar to what happens after getting a deep tissue massage when the body regains its fluidity and the body systems start flushing out. Within the first couple of weeks after each session, I noticed changes in my mood and even behavior immediately. Sometimes I wasn't quite aware of these changes, and as great a professional as Kyla is, she was kind enough to be available for follow up, and confirm what parts of the release and reprogramming were coming to the fore.

One of the main reasons I would recommend these types of treatments is solely due to the fact that it is personalized. No two people are the same, so we all are able to have our own experience. The point is always to  be rebalanced, and regain the ability and power to move forward. So far in the past 6 months, I can say my life has improved tremendously, just from being able to have a clear, positive mindset, regaining control of my emotions, and it not being a fight. Every aspect of the program, whether essential oils, flower remedies, or just true believe statements, can be apart of a daily routine that can't go wrong. There are always some kind of overall health benefit, so in the end, something good always came from each session and program designed.