Saliva - Remote Testing

How to take your sample:

  • Wait 15 minutes after eating or drinking.
  • Take 3 Q-Tips, swab the inside of your mouth saturating both ends with saliva. Place in a zip lock bag.

Processing time is approximately 2 -3 weeks. Your results will be sent via email and we will set up a time to go over your results on the phone. You may pay for testing via this page or mail a check with your sample. Checks made payable to: Thrive With Wellness.

See FAQ to help you get the best results!

Forms - Send with Sample 

Remote EDS Saliva BioEnergetic Analysis Form  - First Time Clients. All pages must be completed. Last two pages are for PMA (private membership association). In order to receive services you must be a member. To become a member you must complete the forms and there is an additional $10 life-time membership fee due with your first test.

Current Clients - Please send this form with your sample.

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