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1. Is this a one time test? Or do the results change?

2. What do I need to know about my products/supplements? Any tips?

3. How can I OPTIMIZE my results?

4.I have a headache, feel tired or emotional after the test or from my program. Is this normal?

5. I'm having trouble remembering to take my program during the day. Can I just take everything all at once in the morning?

6. My test showed I need to avoid certain foods or a food group. I'm overwhelmed! I need help!

7. I want my spouse/kids/family members to do this!. What options do they have?

8. Why should I get a doTERRA account?

9. How does a Saliva test work? What sort of information do I get?

10. I live far away, do you travel?

11. What is your return policy?

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1. Is this a one time test? Or do the results change?

Most people need re-evaluation every 3-6 months depending on their health. As your body heals and changes your EDS readings will change. So will your body's energy needs. 

Healing is done in layers like an onion.So at each visit we are able to deal with another deeper layer. Or perhaps your body's needs could change because of life stress, illness, parasites or toxin exposure. This would be assessed during each visit.

Some individuals choose to do this once a year as maintenance to get a targeted program of support for the year.


2.I forget what you said regarding special considerations to take my supplements. Any tips/things I should know?

Drops can be mixed together and taken with juice or water.

Homeopathics - Detoxes are ideally taken straight under the tongue.Take 15 min away from coffee or mint. DO NOT GO THROUGH X-RAY at airport (carry-on or checked). This means you either will have to request visual inspection or leave at home for your trip. Store 6 ft away from electronics. 

Pills- Generally best taken with food. Follow the timing on your schedule. OK to go through X-Ray when traveling.

Essential Oils- Follow schedule if it needs to be topical, diffuse or internal. If you are using citrus oils use caution with sun exposure. If it is a "warm" oil (ex. oregano, cinnamon, cassia etc) be sure to dilute with coconut oil or olive oil. DO NOT use water. If the skin feels hot after applying dilute with more oil. Wash hands after applying. Essential oils are safe to go through X-RAY.

Alpha Ortho Phos - Take on its own! You can dilute it with 1 or 2 ounces of water and drink quickly as a shot. Rinse mouth after so it doesn't stay on your teeth.

Some have found it easiest to add your drops to your water bottle to sip through out the day. This is acceptable to do with drops except for Alpha Ortho Phos.



How can I optimize my results?

1. Take Ownership of your health

2. Follow your program completely

3. Eat whole foods. Eat Fermented Foods, Make Bone Broth to heal your gut. If you think you have sensitivities contact me to do a food sensitivity screening.

4. Hydrate! A good goal is 1/2 your body weight in ounces. No I will not tell you what my water intake goal is. Make sure you drink good quality water. I use Aquasana filters while I save for what I really want: The Alkal-Life filter/ionizer.

5. Get enough sleep. Optimize your sleep

6. Reduce stress. Let go of what you can't control. Take time to recharge & do what you enjoy: garden, draw, read fiction, journal, get outside, spend time with family & friends.

7. Release toxic emotions through EDS Emotional Release. Educate yourself on emotions and their affect on the body. Some interesting reading on this topic: Feelings Buried Alive Never Die, Molecules of Emotion. (Amazon links)

8.. Exercise. You already know its important. Find something you enjoy! Set small goals.

Just get moving, walking, body weight exercises, interval training anything to help get your heart rate up, move your lymphatic system and boost those feel good neurotransmitters!


I have a headache, feel tired or emotional after the test or from my program. Is this normal? 

Yes. It is part of the healing process. Increase your water intake. Eat whole foods to help give your body the nutrition it needs to heal. If you have a detox as part of your program you may need to increase your herbal drainer or decrease your detox drops for a period of time. Contact me if you have questions. Have your product program sheet handy when you call.




5.I'm having trouble remembering to take my program during the day. Can I just take everything all at once in the morning? 

Here are some tips to help make it easier. Drops except for Alpha Ortho Phos can  be put in your water bottle to sip through out the day. I recommend using glass or metal water bottles. NOT plastic. Pills do your best to take as scheduled through out the day. I put my pills in a little plastic container to take at lunch or get a pill organizer like this one or this one and set up your pills for the week to help make it easier.

If you have any further questions about adjusting the timing of your program please contact me. Have your product program sheet handy when you call!


7.I want my spouse/kids/family members to come in for a test! What options do they have? 

Schedule them an appointment!

They can have the same full test done via Saliva Analysis. 

Another option for teens or adults would be to do the online PHR Evaluation. It's a great way to see what your body is telling you with your symptoms. In the future your family member may choose to do a full test to look into the causes affecting their health.



8.Why should I sign up for a DoTerra account with you?

1. Their oils are amazing

2. As a Wholesale Customer or Wholesale Advocate you can get whole sale pricing which is 25% off plus earn Loyalty Reward Points towards free products.

Sign up by going to my DoTerra

Click Join DoTerra.

Make sure my Sponsor & Enroller ID is there: 3537775

If you want help deciding on a starter kit or help with the process just let me know!




8. How does a Saliva test work? What sort of information do I get? Who should do this vs a regular test?

An EDS test using saliva bio-energetic analysis gets the same test as you would if you can in for an evaluation.

Using the energy/cells obtained I get the same information as you would if you came in!

Who may prefer this?

-You live far away and it's difficult for you to come in for a test.

-You don't want to sit through a test

-You work full time & it is hard to fit the time in your schedule for an evaluation

To get the best results make sure any questions or concerns are written on your form.

You will receive your product schedule/test results via email. We will discuss your results via phone, skype or FaceTime depending on what you prefer.



I live far away from your office. Do you travel? 

Yes! Depending on the distance/number of people interested in having the test done. (There may be a travel fee) Email or call me to discuss your options! You can have EDS test done via Saliva analysis from any where in the world! See question 9 :)


11. What is your return policy? 

Products are final sale.


6. My test showed I need to avoid certain foods or a food group. I'm overwhelmed! I need help! 

If you need to avoid something "big" like Dairy or Gluten certain blogs have a lot of recipe ideas. Here are some that I like:


Mark's Daily Apple

You may need the guidance of a professional Nutritionist to make a plan.

Heidi Maher can help! 617-413-0026

She is a Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist and has been helping many people in the community improve their health.  Specifically, she helps men and women with weight loss, along with general healthy eating, those with food allergies, and those who lead an active lifestyle.  Heidi earned her Bachelor of Science in Dietetics, and Master of Science in Nutrition and Health Promotion from Simmons College in Boston.  For over 15 years she has been educating people about nutrition, and health and wellness in a variety of settings such as private practice, fitness facilities, alternative health care, and corporate.  Heidi is dedicated to helping educate your about your diet and providing you with the guidance, knowledge, and the right tools to ensure your goals are met.  Heidi enjoys creating healthy recipes, and leads a healthy active lifestyle with her husband and dogs.

Because Heidi is a Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist the cost of your visit could be reimbursed through your health insurance/flexible spending account. You will need to contact the member services on your card.  Right now, Heidi does not accept insurance, but she is happy to help provide you the materials you need to be reimbursed.