Your Thoughts Matter!


What did you do when you first got up?

What if you started you day off positive? This little girl is a great example

(Trust me you want to see this. Let me know if you decide to jump up on your bathroom counter and give yourself a pep talk after) 

What's underlying all this great self talk? Her positive belief system. 

Your beliefs become your thoughts

Your thoughts become your words 

Your Words become your actions

Your actions become your habits 

Your habits become your values

Your values become your life

See why beliefs matter? It's like a computer program for your brain/subconscious. Do you have some old programs that you want to change? 

Schedule and emotional release session and note in the comments you would like to focus on beliefs. There techniques that can help change this programming and help you reach your goals. 

Example a limiting belief: I'm always tired or I have no energy. 

Example of a positive belief: I have an abundance of energy for each day. 

Seems too simple to be true but changing the "program" can make a difference!

What do you think is it possible to change? Have you tried this type of session?