Supercharged Coffee



*Coffee - always organic always strong

*2 tablespoons coconut milk 

*or 1 tablespoon unsalted Kerrygold butter & 1 tbsp coconut oil

*1 tsp turmeric 

*1 drop doTERRA Cassia oil 

*dash maple syrup if desired 

Fill your coffee cup half way with coffee and add the other ingredients. 

Blend with a hand immersion blender right in the cup. Then fill up with coffee. 


*Benefits of Tumeric. I'm sure you've heard it's a potent anti inflammatory. It's healing to the gut, helps heal the underlying causes of chronic pain. A little goes a long way taste wise.  

*Coconut milk/oil/Butter is for creaminess & saturated fat. Don't fear fat. Incorporate it to your WHOLE foods unprocessed diet. You need saturated fat to make hormones & repair cells. It helps your immune system function, lets your body use calcium to make stronger bones. Promotes healthy brain function. Your brain is mainly made of fat and cholesterol. The lion’s share of the fatty acids in the brain are actually saturated. A diet that skimps on healthy saturated fats robs your brain of the raw materials it needs to function optimally

*Cassia oil - one of my favorites. It has a warm spicey taste similar to cinnamon

promotes healthy digestion

supports immune function

boosts mood & releases fears


reduces stress

supports healthy liver and kidney function 

*Safe for diffusing, internal and topical use. Caution this is a "hot" oil. Always dilute with carrier oil like DoTERRA's fractionated coconut oil or regular organic coconut oil. If an oil is still irritating dilute with more oil NOT water . Water pushes it further into the skin and amplifies the irritation. 


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If you have a wholesale account already --- order this oil & enjoy its many wonderful benefits. In EDS testing it comes up a lot for emotions and I've even used it to help release inherited emotions & trauma (diffusing). It's a powerhouse oil!!!!