Reduce BPA/Chemical Exposure


Switch to glass or stainless steel glasses, and travel containers. Watch out for plastic in the lids or caps. The heat & acidity in your food & drinks breaks down the chemicals and it leaches into your food/beverages. I've found some bottles that work well for hot beverages or cold from amazon. Links here & here & here. I also will use mason jars or save salsa jars and use that to bring my smoothies or salads.

When you order a coffee or tea while you are out: bring your travel container. Or ask for it without a lid. The steam from your coffee gets on the lid, chemicals leach in and it drips back in your coffee. Yuck. Don't mix plastic with your precious Coffee.

Saran Wrap. Unfortunately another no-no. You can use non-bleached parchment paper to wrap up left overs and then wrap a rubber band over it. Or place parchment paper over a bowl & secure down with a rubber band or two.

Toss that plastic tupperware. Seriously. I can't believe you haven't already! Look for ones that also have a glass lid. I hear they do exist. Just like unicorns. I'm kidding. I'm still looking for a good brand. So if you have one please email me or comment on an Instagram/Facebook post so I can link it here!