On Guard

On Guard

  • Emotional benefits (I'll list this first because it's my favorite use of doTERRA oils) Protects one emotionally from negative influences. Encourages you to live in integrity and maintain clear boundaries... and being able to say No when needed. It helps separate unhealthy connections such as codependency, parasitic relationships, or emotional viruses found in negative “group thought.” 

Physically this oil is amazing for the immune system and getting rid of nasty bugs, parasites and seasonal threats.
Why is it so amazing?

  • Wild Orange... antidepressants, stimulates and calms at the same time the endocrine system, anti-inflammatory.
  • Clove... balancing to endocrine system, energizing, antioxidant, anti: parasites mold fungus.
  • Cinnamon... boost circulation, antioxidant, antimicrobial, antiseptic, unrelated benefit: libido booster
  • Eucalyptus... promotes healthy lung function, clears sinuses, antiviral and antibacterial
  • Rosemary... antioxidant, supports liver and gallbladder, some studies say lower cortisol, cholesterol, balances hormones, selective toxicity to unhealthy cells.☠️

Amazing! This is oil is in the Family Essentials pack if you are looking to get started this month with doterra you will get a bonus of 50PV ($50 worth of oils) with this starter kit... it's like a Costco membership with the ability to earn points towards free product.
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