Leaky Gut Smoothie


1 Cup Frozen Mango
1/2 banana
2 Cups Kale 
1 Cup Homemade Nut Milk - I used Walnut Milk
Couple of Ice Cubes
1 Scoop InflammaCORE - (protein powder with gut healing ingredients)
1 tsp Diatomaceous Earth - (For Silica Mineral)
1 tsp Tumeric (anti-inflammatory & gut healing)
1 tablespoon Mineral Magic (76 trace minerals powdered complex that I stock)

Blend it up in your #Vitamix - you may need to add some water if this is too thick. If you don’t have the last four ingredients No Worries its still delicious. Substitute with a good quality protein powder. I vary my protein sources to not always be eating the same thing every day. 

Why rotate your foods?

Eating the same thing every day can lead to food intolerances 
Especially if you have Leaky Gut. What is leaky gut? The small intestine is where nutrients are absorbed and digested. It is normal for micro-molecules to be absorbed. It can be illustrated by imagining cheese cloth. If you are straining something you want the liquid coming through but the large particles are separated by the cheese cloth. With leaky gut you have wholes in the cheese cloth that let larger chunks go through. So that’s what happens when your gut is leaky. These macro-molecules get through the small intestinal wall into the blood stream. Your body’s immune system is smart & recognizes that those large food molecules don’t belong there and sets up a response. This causes inflammation & can lead to food intolerances of something that is normally healthy for you. Let’s say you LOVE mangos and you put it in your smoothie every day. But your gut is leaky… so every day your immune system is mounting a response to….. Mangos! That’s how leaky gut can lead to food intolerances. No fun.

So rotate your foods. What else can you do? Check out the book the Autoimmune Fix it had great tips for gut health. Some basic tips from the book: Eliminate Dairy Gluten & Sugar (including alcohol) for 6 weeks and see how you do. Add turmeric to your smoothies. Let me know at your next EDS appointment if you want to check for food rotation recommendations or other gut healing items. 

If you come in for EDS, Emotional Release, Biomat or Foot Bath Sessions in the next month we can do a free spot check for the top 2-3 #doTERRA oils that would be best for you to assist with over all healing. The body is so individualized. Find what will work best for you! Is it Ginger, Frankincense, Thyme, Lavender or something else?? Let’s find out!