Healthy Septic System - Lymphatics


That's right your Lymphatic system is the equivalent of your septic in your house. No one wants to live in a house with a clogged septic.... so you don't want a clogged Lymphatic system 

What clogs the Lymphatics? Toxins (they are everywhere unfortunately) dehydration, lack of exercise, toxin stored emotions & beliefs, stress, trace mineral deficiencies. 

Signs your clogged up: tight rings on fingers, soreness in the morning, itchy skin, dry skin, brain fog, breast soreness with each cycle, cold hands and feet 

What can you do while traveling 

  • Stay hydrated. Can you flush a toilet if you have no water in the tank? It's the same you need to be hydrated to flush out the toxins that are there. Aim to drink Half your body weight in ounces. Add another 8oz cup for every dehydrating beverage like coffee, tea or alcohol. 
  • MOVE - while on vacation. Go for a walk daily, find a gym, or do a short tabata style workout  while at someone's house. Even doing something like 100 air squats twice a day can help.  Aim for at least 10-20 minutes of exercise or movement help give it a boost. Remember: Unlike your circulatory system which has the heart as a pump, your lymphatic system depends on the motions of muscles & joint pumps to help drain it
  • use what's called an herbal alternative or drainer to help keep things moving. At your next consult ask what is the best match for you. I try to rotate which one I use so that my body doesn't become dependent on one type. 
  • hot/cold shower - Best done first thing in the am. (Be careful with this technique if you have high blood pressure, a heart condition or are pregnant)


  1. Firstly have a normal warm wash shower.
  2. Turn temperature gauge to cold and remain in the shower until the body feels cold.
  3. When the body feels cold turn the gauge back to comfortably hot and remain in the shower until the body feels hot.
  4. Repeat this process 3 times in total and be sure to finish with a cold shower.

Please note – to begin with the body may not be able to cope with the vast differences in temperature as everyone’s body responds differently. Set the temperature at the levels which suit you and then slowly increase the differential over time. BONUS cold showers help boost fat loss. 

Use an essential oils like Cypress or Lemongrass on the soles of your feet to encourage drainage. These oils are POWERFUL 1 drop mixed with a carrier oil like coconut oil is sufficient. Don't under estimate the power of these oils. They are rapidly absorbed. Within 20 minutes it can affect every cell in your body. 

Lemongrass & Cypress available at my wholesale pricing (25% off retail) if you want me to add you to my next order let me know! They are both very economical oils. Text or Call to be added to my next order. 781-682-2090

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