Emotions & The Kidneys

What emotions affect the kidneys?

Fear & Shock

When the kidneys are out of balance you may feel fearful, have a lack of willpower, insecure, aloof & isolated.
Chronic fear and stress can burn out the adrenals leading a person to feel burned out, fatigue & frequently sick.

How can you help this?
  • Living balanced lifestyle and get proper rest. A handful of rest is better than a double handful of hard work and stress
  • Emotional Release Session with EDS
  • Journaling can help. Before bed write down all the thoughts going through you head that maybe stressing you out. Tell your brain that you are getting them out of your head and on paper so your brain can take an 8hr vacation and go to sleep!
  • Catch up with a close friend. Sometimes an outside perspective is helpful.
  • Oils for Fears & Kidney emotional stress could include Cassia, Basil, Serenity, Juniper Berry, Lavender. At your next EDS test we can target what oil you need emotionally to address chronic fears and stress. Everyone is different & the unique properties of the oils can help you address what you need to individually.
  • High quality mineral supplementation.

What are you doing for your emotional health this week?